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What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday, my hair was wet and I was dressed in something that was barely drive-thru appropriate, which makes me way better than the friend who actually wore her pajamas through the drive-thru. I’d like to say that my fashion choices have improved and my hair dry, but alas neither thing is true. Despite my questionable dress we decided to go score some food truck gelato because being flopped over and next to various pieces of furniture and on the floor seemed slightly unproductive. I placed Adidas slides on my tube socked feet and braved the disgusting, oppressive, and abusive heat in my walk from the front door to the car. I was merely the driver, but my once eager passengers soon became bored, tired, and hungry, so we gave up our not at all exhaustive search. You know the saying, the spirit was willing, but Starbucks has frappuccinos and Whole Foods has yummy pizza, so we headed home with our spoils. Once there, I whipped up some homemade no churn ice cream. We have to wait a few more hours, but it will be so worth it. Oh, the anticipation! While I wait to stuff my face with creamy chai, mango, blueberry lemon no churn ice cream, I thought I would write a blog post to keep my twice a month streak alive. Just between us, I’m a little worried about my twice a week summer time promise. We’ll see.

You know I love good list, so here are some things I’m thinking, doing, loving, and indignantly pondering.

~ I’m currently listening to S.T.A.G.S. by M.A. Bennett. I was reading a physical copy, but the first person narration felt off and odd. The feeling remains even with the audiobook, but I’ve finally identified one of the issues. The entire thing is in the past tense, but in an awkward and jarring way. I think the first person coupled with the past tense makes the narrator and main character feel devoid of personality. Seven chapters in an all I know is that she has a father, an aunt, likes movies, and is or was embarrassingly gullible and desperate to climb the social ladder. Other books have used first person past tense narration effectively, but here it’s just weird. I don’t want to leave the wrong impression. I don’t dislike the book . . . but my eyebrow is raised.

~ I watched the first five episodes of Cloak & Dagger. I wasn’t sure about it during episodes one and two. I was still on the fence while watching episode three, but episode four sold me on the show. Cloak & Dagger are favorites of mine from the Marvel Comics, so it’s fantastic to see them on television. I appreciate the changes the writers and show runners have made to stamp out some of the problematic stereotypes found in their comic book origins. I’m digging it. The show also proves that time is a bully. I actually saw one of the stars of the show on Broadway as Simba in the Lion King. He’s 20! What?!

~ I also started watching The Bold Type, but gave up after five episodes because I couldn’t get over the clothing choices. Can you really wear a silky short shorts romper or a cropped top or thigh high boots and a minidress to your job if you are an executive assistant or writer or social media director at a magazine? Are there professional short shorts? Are there professional rompers? Are there professional thigh high boots? Also, magazines are still in print? About that last one I’m slightly kidding, but about the rest I’m incredulous. Here’s an example of a post-episode conversation in my home:

  • He: That was interesting commentary on the power and dangers of social media.

  • Me: She had on a pinstripe strapless jumpsuit with cutouts at her job. She’s supposed to be the social media director.

  • He: Well . . . It really takes a good look at the misogyny within the gaming industry.

  • Me: Was the assistant one wearing leggings, thigh high boots, and a crop top. Are they experiencing the same season?

  • He: Uhhhh

  • Me: This show is making my brain hurt.

  • He: Yep, my brain hurts too. Wanna watch Captain America?

  • Me: Which one?

  • He: I never knew that mattered to you.

  • Me: (smile) You love me.

~ Despite my Reading Apocalypse there are a whole host of books that I’m looking forward to reading. I was going to make a list, but I just couldn’t bring myself to format 15 bullet points. Besides, some of the covers are so cool that I thought a visual would be more appealing. Check them out here and above.

~ I have to face the fact that I’ve invented new ways to be lazy. I have to face the fact that I am shameless, celebratory even, in this newfound laziness. I’ve become too lazy to feed myself, so liquids are my go to food source. I’ve become too lazy to turn the page of a physical book. I’ve become too lazy to turn the page of an ebook. Would you like a for instance? For instance, I left a skein of yarn in front of the television, so I threw the Apple TV remote in an attempt to knock it out of the way. I was unsuccessful. It left me without a remote. I was upset about the blocked picture, but the idea of standing up was just torturous, so I turned on my side, and went to sleep until the cat started to eat my toes.

~ I've been rereading a collection of short stories by James Baldwin. My favorite is "Going to Meet the Man." It's a bleak story full of violence, oppression, and sadness. A story which explores how racists and bigots and misogynists are bred not born. Baldwin wrote it in 1965, but as I read or watch the news in 2018 I need to remember racism, bigotry, and misogyny are things bred into a people and not a thing inherent to humanity. We all do because it means we can change the world.

~ It's summer and there are few things better than sitting under the stars with the people you love. I had the opportunity to do just that with the people I love (and one Reiki Master) when we went to Shakespeare in the Park for a performance of Twelfth Night. It was worth the mosquito bites. If you aren't familiar with Twelfth Night, I recommend it. If you don't have the time for the play in its glorious entirety, check out Helena Bonham Carter and Tom Hiddleston performing a few snippets on the iF Poems app. It's a great resource for teachers, lovers of poetry, and learners of poetry. The Love Book app is another good one. Have a poetry night under the stars, or just a night under the stars with good people and great conversations.

Until next time

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