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Lost Without You

I’m sitting here with my wet, curly hair don’t care self in a pair of ratty shorts, a Virginia Crew t-shirt long past its expiration date, and tube socks pondering what to read next. I’m also wondering why I have this Virginia Crew shirt since to the best of my recollection none of my friends rowed long enough in college to earn a right to wear this shirt. I’m also considering giving up on what to read next and watching Thor: Ragnorak (again) with my family because shorthaired Thor is the very best Thor.

You’re probably wondering why shorts and tube socks. It isn’t homage to the deplorable fashion often displayed in teen movies from the 70s and 80s that suck you in on a Sunday afternoon even though you don’t get any of the references. The tube socks are because I’m currently winning The Great Air Conditioning Debate of 2018, and the house is being chilled to a deliciously frosty 67 degrees, so I’m cold, but don’t dare admit it. Give me cold or give me colder, but never ever give me hot. All of this is a digression because I’m at a loss over what I should read next, or if I even feel like reading at all.

It isn’t often that I’m at a loss about what to read next. And not wanting to read is a new experience altogether. I’m certainly not at a loss for books. I have a little blue suitcase overflowing with ARCs. Quite a few are whispering to me, but about it all I just feel blah. The suitcase remained locked and untouched until this afternoon. Even after giving them an affectionate rub, they remain in the trunk of the car probably wondering what they’ve done to deserve being ignored and temporarily abandoned.

Truthfully, I think my reading heart is a little bit broken over the passing of Richard Peck, and no book seems shiny enough or new enough to tempt me, so with the midpoint of the year fast approaching let us instead focus on my Top Ten Reads of 2018 . . . So Far. These are in no particular order.

  • Truly Devious

  • The Belles

  • White Rabbit

  • Blink

  • The Poet X

  • Dread Nation

  • Children of Blood and Bone

  • Emergency Contact

  • Aru Shah and the End of Time

Did you notice anything?

  • Did you notice that there are only nine titles listed? I couldn’t come up with a tenth book. I tried and tried. I thought and thought. I typed titles, looked at those titles sitting on my list, shook my head, and deleted them. There aren’t ten books in my head or heart, but the year is but half over and my hopes are high that come December 31st I’ll be fighting with myself over only having a Top Ten. Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed that I’m right.

  • Did you notice the inclusion of Aru Shah and the End of Time? It must come as something of a surprise given my roller coaster of a review, but that ending stuck with me. I’m excited for the next because mysterious boy, more sisters, and a massive wolf.

  • Finally, I’m proud of this list. It’s a diverse and representative list. Diverse and representative of the world in which we all live, but also of who I am as a reader. I like stories with flawed characters, excellent antagonists, well plotted and paced mysteries, a search for truth, a cup or two of adventure, and love.

This slump won't last. I'm lost without a book. Happy summer. Go forth and read. See you soon. Really soon. Like tomorrow.

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