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Judge a Book by Its Cover

Today, I spent more time knitting, watching Netflix, and experimenting in the kitchen than I did reading. In fact, other than a few online articles documenting that this is the end times, I’ve read very little, but the day is still young and Meg Medina’s Burn Baby Burn is by my side. I’ve been gorging on books lately and I’d love to share them with you, but the release dates are far into the fall, so it doesn’t seem polite to review them months in advance.

I hadn’t really considered what I’d post on my blog when I don’t have a review, so I did that while making up a shrimp-rice-Cajun type thing on the grill. I came up with ideas that were outrageous, ambitious, possible, and simple. I’m going to start with simple and maybe one day in the future I’ll get to outrageous.

I’m a teacher. I’m an English teacher, so I like to try and woo my students to the reading side. I do this in a lot of ways, but one of the easiest is by dazzling them with bright Google slide presentations featuring the colorful covers of books I’ve read. I introduce the covers with a brief paragraph featuring my wonderfully quirky sense of humor that ties all of the books together. Finally, I give them time to research the titles that interest them the most. It’s our “Judge a Book by Its Cover” activity. It’s an interactive discovery activity that manages to keep their conversations mostly on topic, and I get some great sound bites that I mean to post on my teacher Twitter, but never do. Anyway, today it’s your turn to “Judge a Book By Its Cover.”

P.S. - Click to make the picture go big. Do I even need to say that? Probably not. Also, the paragraph is small, but after 45 minutes of trying and failing I decided it was time to go read a book.


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